Ap euro winter homework

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This will prepare you for the expectations set in the course, as well as let me see your particular writing styles so that I best know how to help you succeed. If you do not complete this assignment, you will find yourself behind in the course, so it is recommend that you complete each part of this assignment as early as possible.

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This grade will count as an extra two projects grades and it should be completed to the best of your ability according to the due dates listed. Your work must be your work.

Please note that the due dates of this work vary throughout the summer; those dates are listed below. On the first day of class, you will be taking a test on the map of Europe.

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You will turn your work in via www. Additionally, please note the different ways that you may contact me during the summer. Please be aware that my school email address will NOT be the fastest way to contact me. I would recommend using Remind if you have questions that need to be addressed quickly.

You will access the textbook chapters digitally from the links below; you do NOT need to take home a physical book over the summer.

Ap euro winter homework

Each packet will focus you on the important information and terms of the material in each chapter, as well as have you think critically about the material. Each chapter will be submitted separately on TurnItIn, so I encourage you to submit them as you finish.

I will be giving you feedback on how you complete the chapters, so I suggest you check back to read that information. Please be aware that these are essentially your notes on the chapters, so I highly encourage you to make sure you are giving full answers to each question.

The packets can be downloaded here.APUSH Period 1 Review. On the AP US History exam, Period 1 begins the time immediately before European contact () and ends with the settlement of Jamestown in Students should be familiar with Native American societies, the economic and cultural exchanges between European settlers and the Indians they encountered in North America, and.

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Monday: Read pgs. Focus on the features of the ancien regime, the aristocracy and the importance of the English Game Laws. Tutor Tuesday for selected individuals.

Ap euro winter homework

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