Aussie broadband business plans

The Labor Party Rudd government was elected on 24 November and initial planning commenced. A new satellite network would be built to reach the rest of the country.

Aussie broadband business plans

The difference between the two comes down to how the internet connection is delivered. Contention Ratio The contention ratio is perhaps the most important difference between a residential and a business broadband package.

It relates to the number of users sharing the same server and will affect the speed of your connection.

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The higher the contention ratio, the greater the number of users that may be trying to use the actual bandwidth at any one time and, therefore, the lower the effective bandwidth offered and hence lower the speed of the connection, especially at peak times.

Speed As well as offering lower contention ratios, business broadband packages generally provide faster connection speeds. While 2MB or 4MB speeds are standard for many residential packages, business broadband usually offers speeds of around aussie broadband business plans or higher.

Faster speeds are crucial for any business running their own website, for keeping in contact with staff or clients via email, sending or receiving large files, and a number of other web-based operations. Because of this, many business broadband packages will come with enhanced security features to ensure that your business data is completely secure.

aussie broadband business plans

Business grade broadband usually comes with a free security package, including antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, abuse control, spam control, and online backup. As many businesses rely on their broadband connections for daily operations, it is vital that if something goes wrong, help will be immediately available.

Business ADSL subscribers will generally get priority over home users for technical support and provide immediate support for any technical faults.

Being an essential service these are very important and ensure that the ISP Internet Service Provider is fully committed to performance targets. These usually cover installation lead times, service restoration and availability, latency and packet loss.

aussie broadband business plans

Residential broadband services do not usually come with Service Level Agreements and are generally a best effort service.

Static IP Addresses An IP address is a unique identifier of the location of the computer hardware that is accessing the internet. Because it is more cost effective for the ISP Internet Service Providerresidential broadband connections are usually made using dynamic IP addresses, which the ISP allocates from a pool and changes from time to time.

Business grade broadband services come with a static IP address, which is a dedicated IP address and does not change. Static IP addresses are necessary when running a server and business IT networks. Business Works offers super fast business grade broadband service.

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If you need more information, please call us on or email helpdesk businessworks.Aussie Broadband is an Australian-owned Internet service provider that offers ADSL, NBN fibre and NBN wireless plans. Telstra is Australia's leading provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones and broadband internet.

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Broadband service You can use Vodafone 4G in 4G areas if you have an eligible plan and device. 4G in selected cities in Australia. Outside these areas, you get Broadband Speeds in our 3G areas. Aussie Carry On: Available on L and XL Business Choice Plans.

You can use your plan’s NZ texts, calls and data benefits while you’re in Aussie for up to 90 days in a calendar year. You can use your plan’s NZ texts, calls and data benefits while you’re in Aussie for up to 90 days in a calendar year.

There are 57 plans from Aussie Broadband available in Australia and prices range from $65 up to $ You can connect to the Internet with Aussie Broadband .

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