Budapest to belgrade nightly business report

The journey takes minutes.

Budapest to belgrade nightly business report

The Belgrade-Sofia train, currently summer-only, at Topcider station in Belgrade. Just two coaches, one Bulgarian, one Serbian, but comfy enough in spite of the graffiti.

budapest to belgrade nightly business report

Photos courtesy of Remco van der Kort. The train snakes through a gorge east of Nis, photo taken from the rear carriage.

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Courtesy of Matthew Woodward. However, the connection in Sofia is a bit tight June-September, at least and the Belgrade to Sofia train is often affected by delays and misses the connection. It's better to build in a night and day stopover in Sofia in this direction.

You can't book a Sofia-Istanbul couchette or sleeper at Belgrade or any station outside Bulgaria although Belgrade ticket office will sell you a Belgrade-Istanbul ticketyou either need to reserve at the station in Sofia or simply approach the sleeper and couchette attendants on the train on the day and pay them directly if a berth is free, which it almost always will be.

Check locally, as these trains may be affected by engineering work in winter. No alternatives are provided. There may be buses on this route, but details not known. The Belgrade-Skopje-Thessaloniki overnight train has a Macedonian couchette car, though no sleeper.

But it's comfortable enough and seldom full, see the photos below, courtesy of traveller Tom Whitehead. Clean sheets, pillow and blanket are provided. You'll probably find fellow travellers from Germany, the Netherlands, Australia or Britain on board.


Step 1, Belgrade to Thessaloniki: A daily overnight train leaves Belgrade Topcider station at A couchette is recommended.

Step 2, Thessaloniki to Athens: Change in Thessaloniki for an air-conditioned InterCity train to Athens.

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You should make the The Belgrade-Thessaloniki night train has a Macedonian couchette car, though no sleeper. But it's comfortable enough, and seldom full, see the photos below, courtesy of traveller Tom Whitehead.

Spectacular scenery on the wonderful Belgrade to Montenegro railway. There's a daytime train and a sleeper train. Step 2, take a bus from Podgorica bus station to Dubrovnik.

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Alternatively, if you want to see the whole rail route from Belgrade to Bar, you'll find at least one daily bus from Bar to Dubrovnik, see https: Always allow an hour or two between train arrival and bus departure, just in case of delay.Budapest to Belgrade Budapest to Belgrade Belgrade to Budapest.

Between Budapest and Belgrade we found up to 4 bus departures, including 3 night earliest departure from Budapest is at arriving to Belgrade at The latest departure is at arriving at Prices for a one way adult ticket range from 25 € to 62 €. Business Insider teamed up with Hostelworld to discover the most luxurious hostel in every European country — and they're all under £40 ($54).

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