Custom assignment block

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Custom assignment block

Type in a suitable name for the Component and choose create also remove the Enhancement Set, if existing.

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Follow the instructions and name the Window. Do changes in following steps of the wizard: Simply type a name for the node. Add Model Attributes to Model Node: In our case we only need the partner number. Add it with the plus-icon. Add Value Attributes to Context Node: This is best done with the plus-icon.

Choose the correct Context Node the Value Node for the z-table and type in the structure we created in Step 1. Press enter, mark all attributes and add them.

Custom assignment block

Set Runtime Repository The tree to the left side in the Component Workbench can display different things. The normal one is Browse Component Structure.

In order to change the Runtime Repository click on Runtime Repository Editor and after click on the edit-icon. We have to do three steps: Add View to Window: Open the Window node, find your window, right click on it and choose Add View.

Select the view you created in Step 3. Add Window to Component Interface: Select your Window and View. Select the Interface View you added above. Save the Runtime Repository with the disc-icon.

This will make sure that when our z-component is called all the attributes from the BOL entity are passed to our node. Follow the wizard and create the same Model Node as in Step 3 preferably also with the same name.

Open the node Context and double click on the Context Implementation Class. Add the binding to the Component Controller at the end of the method as shown below: Create refresh Event for dependent Value Node Our table is dependent on the partner - therefore do we need to create an Event that refreshes the table display whenever the partner changes.

Open the method-attributes puzzle-piece-icon and tick "Event Handler for" see the box below. Go to the Parameters and add the parameters of the Event by clicking on the icon with the small blue square. We leave the coding empty for now. The only two parameters needed are the Partner Number as importing and the table with the favorite things as exporting.

Following coding is a possible way to do it: Therefore I programmed my own workaround. Double click to get into the HTML editor. Add assignment block to Overview page As our last step, we need to add our z-component to the Overview page of the Business Partner.

First we have to make our z-component available in this component. Go to the Runtime Repository Editor and choose edit mode. Change into the Configuration tab and select the Configuration with your Role Key or copy the configuration to your Role Key. Mark it and add it with the arrow pointing right to the Displayed Assignment Blocks.The assignment block was the component BTDOCFLOW so I had to enhance this and the view and the context node.

Then in the folder attributes for this context node i . Aug 21,  · Labels: How to use your custom BOL Object for webclient within assignment block. custom bol in assignment block, SAP CRM tutorials, sap crm BOL programming. 1 comment: yektek training March 21, at AM.

This comment has been . Create a Z-Component ZCCRMLOY_COMENT for displaying comments in custom assignment block- Comments assignment block Addition of a new comment On clicking on “New” below code is done on an event handler EH_ONNEW which opens a pop up to add a new comment.

Shows a teacher all of the assignments and manual quiz questions (essays and file responses) that have been submitted, but not graded. The block is configured to work with groups that is, teachers will only see the assignments submitted by students if they are both members of the same group.

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