Dantes inferno a discussion guide

He tries all night to find a way out; when he comes to the foot of a high hill and sees the rising sun shining on it, he feels hope and starts to climb. But his way is blocked by three beasts. He thinks he's going to get past the leopard that comes first, but the lion is more fearsome, and the she-wolf drives him back, despairing, to the dark wood.

Dantes inferno a discussion guide

How is it different? Compare Dante's journey to the journeys taken by characters in Gilgamesh, the Odyssey, the Aeneid, and Augustine's Confessions.

How does Dante's appearance as the central character in the poem make it a different kind of epic? Dante encounters a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf in Canto 1. What do you think these beasts symbolize, if anything? Which animal seems to pose the greatest problem for Dante? What is the role of classical literature and culture in the Inferno?

Augustine who certainly has actual experience with many of the sins described in the poem? Who are the women discussed in Canto 2?

Dantes inferno a discussion guide

What is their historical or symbolic significance? What is their function in the poem?

Study Questions for the Inferno, Cantos I, II, III, and IV

The "neutral angels" Canto 3 are the product of Dante's poetic imagination, not orthodox Christian theology. Why do you think he created them?

Compare Dante's Underworld to Vergil's Underworld.

Dantes inferno a discussion guide

What kind of souls are in Limbo? Canto 4 What is their defect difetto? Inferno, Cantos10, 13 Note that the sins encountered at the top of the slope are less grave than the ones at the bottom, and the ones in between are arranged in a corresponding hierarchy in which more grave sins are punished beneath less grave sins.

Why do you think Dante makes lust a lesser sin than gluttony?


Or, to put it bluntly: Why, for Dante, is having sex with your neighbor's wife or husband a lesser sin than eating an entire pizza and a twelve-pack of beer every week while you watch Monday Night Football?

Paolo and Francesca Canto 5 are some of the most attractive sinners in Hell. What does Dante do, in a very short space, to make them real to us?Dante and the Divine Comedy have had a profound influence on the and a now famous discussion of the physical dimensions of Hell. Dante was just as much a model as.

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This is the Discussion Guide for The Inferno of Dante by Dante Alighieri.

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6. Aame _____ Dante Inferno cantos - Group Discussion Guide (Note that the Inferno is a medieval epic composed c. Take a quick DANTES sample test with our FREE DANTES practice sample questions!

These are a quick preview of what kind of information you'll be studying in our DSST Study Guide for this subject. You can also use these DANTES sample test questions to gauge how ready you are to take your DANTES .

Study Guide for Dante's Divine Comedy. Introduction to Dante (PowerPoint Presentation) Plan of Dante's Comedy. Take the Dante's Inferno Test. Discussion Questions. Inferno, Cantos Compare Canto 1 to the opening of the Iliad or the Aeneid.

How is it different?

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