Evaluate a customer service policy

Discuss reasons for using customer service policies Project description Task 1: Understand customer service policies within business and services contexts 1.

Evaluate a customer service policy

By AllBusiness Editors In: Customer Service Consumers are fed up with companies that treat them poorly.

Sample Customer Service Employee Evaluation:

Without quality customer service and with the sharing capabilities provided today through social media, you could be steering a sinking ship. Customer service affects all levels of your retail operation, and everyone involved needs to have the same mindset and follow the same policies.

Take these steps to keep shoppers satisfied. This means the interaction between your employees and your customers. Here are the basic policies you should establish and enforce: All customers should be treated in a courteous manner at all times.

There is no excuse for being rude to a customer, even an irate one. Be professional when on the sales floor. All employee breaks and personal business should be conducted out of the view of customers, and cell phone calls or other personal communications should be limited to lunch or breaks.

Go the extra mile for a customer. If there is a policy, it should be stated politely. Employees dealing with customers are expected to present themselves in a professional manner and dress accordingly.

This can range from a uniform to a dress code to a no T-shirts, jeans, or halters policy. Whatever works for your business should be enforced. Develop rapport with the regulars.

Encourage your staff to get to know regular customers, greet them when they come in, and make them feel comfortable.

A simple hello, good afternoon, or thank you can go a long way. Have resources readily available. From shopping bags to tape for wrapping packages, make sure to maintain your inventory. It is very important that you train your staff in the manner that you want them to interact with customers and conduct themselves while on the sales floor.

Since it is human nature to slip and revert to bad habits, to retrain occasionally allows for new ideas and reinforces positive conduct.

Work with your employees, use role-play, and seek out their input.Use our FREE sample survey questionnaire templates and get your research started today.

Customer feedback.

Evaluate a customer service policy

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Employee feedback. your customer service policies Chapter Review Providing excellent customer service based on the needs, wants and expectations of your target market is important in retaining customers and gaining positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Excellent customer service, however, starts with a specific customer service plan that should include these steps: 1.

Evaluate a customer service policy

Everyone has a favorite customer service story, but few people can identify the specific behaviors that will result in outstanding service. With Becoming a Customer Service Star, employees and managers evaluate their behavior in 5 critical service areas, examine their attitudes about service, and learn ways to boost their customer service .

We use our more than years of combined experience and an average of almost 10 years each, an unsurpassed reference library of over 35, publications and files, and service .

Customer Satisfaction Positive Performance Evaluation Phrases Wendy handles customer service situations well and is rated well by her peers, managers, and customers. Nancy is one of our most proficient customer service trainers and demonstrates this when she’s working in customer care.

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