Fast food business plan in chennai railway

AUAB held its first campaign meeting:

Fast food business plan in chennai railway

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Modi why are you lying very often and bring disgrace to the highest Post of Prime Minister of India? While inaugurating a airport in Sikkim Prime Minister Modi recently messaged that out of airports in India 34 airports were built after that is after his government came to power.

But the reality is otherwise. Today India has airports.

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Out of this airports were there even before Modi became Prime Minister. Only four including the latest one inaugurated in Sikkim State were added since I am at loss to understand the reason for such blatant lies unleashed by Prime Minister Modi.

BJP means untruths and half truths. T cadre officials throughout the circle under oral instructions without any written orders. This is very wrong attitude. Cadre officials for watchman duty. Then only union could proceed to stop this policy once for all.

Comrade Samsudeen, Circle President also participated. Affectionate welcome by Palakkad comrades: Ramanarayanan were also honoured at the meeting. What is the motive behind this?: The BSNL management suddenly announced staggered dates for salary payment of its executives and employees. Originally all were receiving salary on the last date of the month except for March only.

Due to financial year closing and accounts closing for the month of March the salary was paid on first of April. Now as per the new arrangement all non executive employees will receive salary on the first day of next month. All non-ITS executives will receive their salary on fifth of next month.

ITS officers will get their salary on 7 th of next month. Incidentally the Contract Labourers also to be paid wages on 7 th of next month. When wage revision negotiation Committee was formed and started functioning BSNL management has clearly sent signals that at the moment it is struggling to disburse the salary to the employees and executives.

It is a clear message to the third wage Revision Committee not to increase the wages any further. In a similar attempt few WhatsApp messages are now being circulated by some vested interest people on the bad financial position of BSNL. We all know that BSNL is in difficult financial position and not recording any profit for the past several years.

Nothing new in this. But the motive of those circulating the poor financial condition of BSNL now is not good. This is very very wrong approach. Then why workers should be asked to pay the price and asked to tighten the belt?. We were in Government Services. It promised us the following: Government Pension from Consolidated Fund.

Safeguard the financial viability of proposed company BSNL. Protection of Job Security. What has happened now? Let us educate the workers instead of putting up calculation sheets of expected pay rise.

In the agreement made for the purchase of 36 fighter planes RAFFLE from France inPrime Minister Narendra Modi has committed more number of irregularities with the sole aim of benefits to a private bankrupt company belongs to Anil Ambani.Clockwise from top right: Chennai Central, Marina Beach, Madras High Court, TIDEL Park, Ripon Building, San Thome Basilica, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, .

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fast food business plan in chennai railway
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