Impacts of internet on youths

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Impacts of internet on youths

By Toktam Namayandeh Joorabchi, Md.

Impacts of internet on youths

This study was designed by applying the Uses and Gratification theory framework, to understand Internet usage among students. The objectives of this study are to identify the relationship between purpose of using the Internet, pattern of Internet usage and Internet skill with the gratification of Internet usage as a mediation variable and positive youth development PYD.

The objectives for this study are to determine the mediating effects of Internet gratification usage between purposes of Internet usage, Internet skill, and patterns of Internet usage and positive youth development.

The present study used a survey design to achieve its objectives. This study found a significant and positive relationship between purposes of Internet usage with gratification of Internet usage. Also, the purpose of Internet usage has significant relationship with connection and confidence in PYD dimension.

The relationship between gratification of Internet usage and five dimensions of positive youth development is positive and significant.

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The relationship between pattern of using Internet and the character dimension in positive youth development is significant. There is no relationship between Internet skill and 5 dimensions of PYD.

Media, Internet usage, Positive Youth Development, Malaysia Introduction Lack of information creates a negative impact on our lives, particularly on the educated layer of society. The new media is one of the most important mass media in the world and it changes the world in many aspects.

Students are the most important group in society because they would be building the future society. Students who use the Internet tend to be more open-minded than those who do not use the Internet.

According to Trish 1women who use the Internet tend to be more open minded than those who do not use the Internet. Malaysia has 16 million Internet users 2. Even children in Malaysia spend 19 hours per week, 9 out of 10 had been to negative experience while surfing 3.

The National Youth Development Policy of Malaysia considers youth as people aged between 15 and 40 years 5.

Impacts of internet on youths

The youngest respondents are 18 years and the oldest ones are 40 years old. Youth programmers should makes the plan for the youth and teach them to develop themselves in a positive manner. If society guides youth to the positive way, they automatically keep their distance from anti-social and abnormal behavior.

Young people whose lives have higher amounts of the Five Cs Competence, Character, Caring, Confidence and Connection would be at lower risk for a developmental path that integrates personal, social, and behavioral problems and risks 6.

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The research had been done by Yusof, Hashim, Vengadasamy and Sivapunniam 7 shows that students that have blogs mentioned that their self-confidence increased when their friends and families visited their home pages to read their creative work.

In another study Sivapunniam, Hamdan, and Yusof 8 show that online discussion forums play an important role within the online learning environment. Therefore, it is of interest to find out how the use of Internet contributes towards positive youth development in term of 5Cs.

Studies elsewhere have shown that with proper guidance the youth will be able to attain such development 9. This study tries to find out if the Internet can increase 5Cs among students?

If media lead youth to the positive development they are automatically far away from the negative development Research Questions Is there a relationship between Internet usage and gratifications of Internet usage?

Is there a relationship between Internet usage and positive developments? What is the mediating effect of Internet gratification use between the independent variables Internet skill, pattern of Internet usage and purpose of Internet usage and positive youth development?

Patterns of Internet Usage Asemi 11studied information-searching habits of Internet users in a medical science university in Isfahan. Their purposes for using the Internet were: Libraries are used as places from which to access the Internet by about one third of all Internet users.

However, there are some who access the Internet from other types of libraries as well. Internet Skill The concept of Internet skills is just one of many concepts that have resulted from the rapid diffusion of digital technologies in society.

Internet experience is positively related to how long an individual has used the Internet. Users who have used the Internet for longer periods are more likely to use the Internet for task-oriented activities, for instance, looking for reference material or product information, conducting research and shopping.

Herzong was interested in why women enjoyed soap operas. She conducted a research investigating the Uses and Gratifications of radio soap operas Herzong, 16 cited in Baran and Davis Rubin 18 mentioned that people use communication media to fulfill their variety of needs.

Windahl 19 noted that the main difference between the traditional effects theory and Uses and Gratifications theory in mass communication is usually examined from the point of view of communicators for the former, while the members of audience is a starting point in Uses and Gratifications study.

According to Blumer and Katz 20for both society and individuals, the media serve the functions of surveillance, correlation, entertainment and cultural transmission. Blumler, Katz and Gurevitch 21 said that the Uses and Gratifications theory was an attempt to explain how individuals use the media to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals instead of the media having ultimate power over the viewer.

Media selection and use is purposive and motivated, and people take the initiative in selecting and using communication vehicles to satisfy felt needs and desires.Without a doubt, the youth has been most affected by this radical change.

Students and young professionals are heavily dependent on internet for a wide range of activities. Everything is now digitized, which implies advantageous prospects for the youth .

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Because of the very late formation of the German government in , the federal budget was approved so late that it was impossible to continue IGF Academy this year. RSPH and the Young Health Movement (YHM) published a report examining the positive and negative effects of social media on young people’s health, including a list of social media platforms according to their impact on young people’s mental health..

Teen social media statistics. 91% of year olds use the internet for social networking; Social media use is linked with increased rates of. Annette Liska, an emerging-technologies design expert, observed, “The idea that rapidity is a panacea for improved cognitive, behavioral, and social function is in direct conflict with topical movements that believe time serves as a critical ingredient in the ability to adapt, collaborate, create, gain perspective, and many other necessary (and desirable) qualities of life.

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Page last updated: 19 November (this page is generated automatically and reflects updates to other content within the website). Keywords: Media, Internet usage, Positive Youth Development, Malaysia. Introduction. Lack of information creates a negative impact on our lives, particularly on the educated layer of society.

The new media is one of the most important mass media in the world and it changes the world in many aspects.

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