Monoline spencerian writing alphabet

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Monoline spencerian writing alphabet

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In this article I will try to demystify the Copperplate-Spencerian enigma. We must start by first clarifying the terminology. Copperplate is a term that is widely applied to several types of shaded script.

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Roundhand or more specifically English roundhand script Figure 1 is a form of quill pen based handwriting that flourished in England several centuries ago 1, 2. Some of the finest exemplars of this work are the engraved forms so wonderfully represented in The Universal Penman by George Bickham 2.

This fact would eventually give rise to the term Copperplate when referring to roundhand script. Modern Copperplate Eleanor Winters. The two additional forms mentioned above as Copperplate styles are Engrosser's and Engraver's scripts Figure 3. According to The Zanerian Manual these terms are essentially interchangeable 4.

This particular form of script developed in the U. To avoid confusion I will only use the term Copperplate to describe these styles. Originally developed by Platt R. It is likely that Spencer srcinated his script using a quill pen; however, the evolution of Spencerian script was influenced by the availability of high quality steel pens such as the Gillott and the Spencerian No.

Interestingly, prior to Spencer, handwriting in colonial America was essentially a less ornate form of English roundhand Copperplate Spencer's letterforms reached their zenith during the golden age of American Ornamental Penmanship.

This period lasted from approximately the latter half of the 19th century through the early portion of the 20th century 6, For the purposes of this discussion I will use the term Spencerian script. So how does one distinguish between these two styles, Copperplate and Spencerian?

I am not going to detail letterform variances, connectors angles, slant angles, etc. When trying to distinguish between these styles of script focus on the lower case letters Figures 5 and 6.

In general terms Spencerian hands Figure 4, 5 utilize delicately shaded lower case letters. Also, the use of 'wedge shaped shades for letters for the vertical ascender of 't' and 'd' as well as the descender stem of 'p' is common.

However, there are variants that do not employ this style. On the other hand, Copperplate lowercase letters Figure 6 utilize regularly shaded lower case letters. Rather than the delicate lower case forms seen in Spencerian script, dramatic contrasts between shades and hairlines are created in the lower case letters.

The end result is a hand that while quite beautiful, it does not resemble modern cursive script handwriting as developed in the United States.

In Figure 7, three versions of the name Zanerian are presented.

monoline spencerian writing alphabet

The top version is the Spencerian form. Notice how delicately the lowercase letters are shaded. Hopefully, your eye will note that these letters look very similar to the monoline style of school handwriting Zaner-Bloser Method pictured in the middle image View all K Instagram photos & videos tagged with #spencerian on INK Find and save ideas about Writing styles fonts on Pinterest.

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Full text of "The World's Writing Systems: The Roman Alphabet" See other formats The Roman Alphabet Stan Knight There is a popular notion that the evolution of the Roman script can be plotted out like a family tree, showing a single line of development from Roman times to the present day.

Handwriting models is a facsimile of the first Icelandic copperplate copybook. Blackletter cursive had been replaced by the documentary hand of the British kaja-net.comiting models An Icelandic manual. B enedikt Gröndal Sveinbjarnarson’s handwriting booklet offers brief instruction in a new style that was introduced in Icelandic.

Originally published in by Stephen Ziller for the Tamblyn School of Penmanship, this little series was designed for classroom use as well as home study and provides instruction for pointed pen and engrossing work.

Book Two is on Stephen Ziller's Artistic Alphabet, a graceful pointed pen style similar to Spencerian.

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