Nightly business report theme from 2002

Well today they went up a little. And the other was economic growth. Now we have seen some earnings disappointments, meaning maybe earnings growth is part of that problem. Well, I think the earnings disappointments we've seen are company specific.

Nightly business report theme from 2002

When will we see changes in the way they do business? As you know we held a roundtable yesterday on credit rating agencies and we brought in about 30 experts from academia, from the investment community from labor unions and from the credit rating agencies themselves to talk about the short comings in the current model of credit rating agencies.

And we had an enormous amount of information from all of these participants and a lot of issues for us to parse and to really think about, so I can't tell you a specific time when I think we'll be done on that issue, but we will be very much informed by what we learned yesterday from all these experts and proceed hopefully sometime this summer to propose some additional enhancements.

So you think new regulations will be needed, the regulations that have been put in place don't just need enough time to work?

Some of the regulations are new they haven't really had enough time to work. But I think there are some additional things we need to focus on to align the interests of the credit rating agencies with the users of the ratings, investors, as opposed to the issuers of the security.

And that's really important to us because investors relied on credit ratings, they were badly misled in many cases, and if we want to bring integrity back to the ratings process, we've got to find a way for the ratings agencies to serve the users of the ratings and that's investors.

Would you be prepared to take away a company's "nationally recognized" status as a credit rating agency to punish them if they don't get their act together? I think if somebody has the nationally recognized rating from the SEC and they violate the law, that's absolutely something we would consider doing.

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We're just nightly business report theme from 2002 in the throws of proxy season and shareholder activists are pushing hard to reign in executive pay, will you help them to get rid of non responsive board members by giving them access to the proxy?

We are very committed to giving long term, serious investors access to the proxy and we should propose rules on that probably in a month or so for the commission to consider and to put out for comment. But it's real important, especially given the crisis that we are going through right now that boards be ever more accountable to owners of the company, the shareholders.

So we are very committed to moving ahead on responsible proxy access as soon as possible. Responsible proxy access - how far do you go? So we are looking at all of those different options and we will propose something in about a month which we think will provide very good and responsible access.

Just before the financial meltdown banks that owned money market funds were quietly shoring up funds they were concerned would break the buck, or would have broken the buck if they didn't pour money in, largely unbeknownst to investors.

What changes are you going to make to money market mutual funds and the way they are regulated? Money market funds are an enormously important part of the financial system, there are 4 trillion dollars in money market funds and investors rely on them enormously.

So from my perspective, it's really critical that the SEC take all the steps it can to bolster confidence in money market funds.

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So we are going to look at proposing rules very shortly that will enhance the credit quality of money market holdings, shorten maturities, and therefore increase liquidity and hopefully make them more resilient in an economic crisis then we learned they were in this past fall.

Do you think investors should be concerned about money market funds, there is the insurance now, but are there still dark areas there? Will we see more turmoil? It's hard to predict whether we'll see more turmoil there, but I think investors can have confidence in the basic integrity of money market funds.

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The insurance program is in place, as you mentioned, and we will take the steps necessary to again restore their resilience in times of economic crisis. The SEC has been involved in investor education on Ponzi schemes, particularly in light of the Madoff scandal, are you getting more people calling in with tips about Ponzi schemes and what are you doing with that information?

We receive close to a million tips per year at the agency and we need to handle them better and more effectively then we have historically, and we are reviewing from A to Z our process so we can be more effective with them.

They can't maintain the scheme in more difficult economic times and as a result they are being exposed earlier on.

nightly business report theme from 2002

You certainly do have your work cut out for you, you're also looking at Bank of America and bonuses that they paid to Merrill Lynch, if you find that they didn't disclose that information like they should, what's the punishment for that?

We're looking very carefully about the disclosure of the bonuses and I've said that to a member of Congress who inquired about it, and if it turns out to be inappropriate it will be referred to our enforcement division and then we have the full range of sanctions that we can imply in the conduct of an enforcement case.

But even though you've been making all these efforts, the SEC, given its handling of the financial crisis is under fire and some critics say, you know, it's time to scrap it and start over, maybe fold it into the CFTC or just do away with it, they haven't done their job. What do you see for this agency in the next five years?

I don't think that there's any doubt that the agency has had a difficult couple of years, but I think now more than ever, particularly in a crisis, we need a competent, very aggressive, very activist Securities and Exchange Commission.

We are the only federal agency charged with protecting investors, those are our constituents, those are the people we should be serving and I'm highly committed to doing that. I would not have come to the SEC if I didn't feel like I had the freedom to move the agency in that direction.

The markets are critically important, restoring investor confidence in the market is important, that's not going to happen if the SEC isn't doing a first class job and that's what we're committed to do. Can the SEC do the job, can they police the markets, or does it just give people a false sense of security that their investments are being protected, when they're not.Nightly Business Report – 30 Most Important Innovations of Past 30 Years, PBS - 02/16/ Practicing What He Preaches, Wharton Alumni Magazine - 11/01/ Nightly Business Report – Interview with Melissa Harmon on Innovation, PBS - 08/08/ Hanssem Corporation, South Plainfield NJ, Manager in Finance Department, Controller, – PriceWaterHouseCoopers LLP [Samil Accounting Corporation], Seoul Korea, Senior Associate, Financial Advisory Service, – Tyler Mathisen is now Managing Editor of CNBC Business News and the host of High Net Worth.

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