Online distribution strategies

Your distribution channel is the way that you deliver your products and services to your customers. Having a well thought out distribution strategy means that you can get your products and services to your customers as efficiently as possible. A solid distribution strategy covers many different factors, but here are some specific tips that can help you develop a good distribution strategy for your company. Your business model greatly affects your marketing strategy.

Online distribution strategies

Hotels The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www. The imminent success of online intermediaries caused?

The existing literature on hotel online distribution has focused on pricing strategies and room availability issues for different segments of hotels. This paper, however, aims to compare online room prices of global hotel chains across online distribution channels and their own brand websites.

Descriptive statistics such as means and percentage were used to answer the research questions. Personal interviews with a CEO of an e-business company and an area revenue director of a global hotel chain were conducted to con?

Rate consistency still remains a problem within US properties. Keywords Hotels, Distribution, Intermediaries Paper type Research paper Introduction The development of the internet has greatly affected the ways hotels distribute and price their products.

In the mid s online travel agencies such as Expedia and Travelocity — also known as online intermediaries or online third party sites — partnered with airlines and hotels to offer travel products such as airline tickets and hotel rooms from multiple suppliers directly to consumers Carroll and Siguaw, By using different business models and smarter business practices, and by taking International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Vol.

Price disparities among the distribution channels of hotels have shaped the perceptions of the consumers who are now searching several online engines and shopping around for better deals Enz, ; Murphy et al.

Past studies have urged hotels to implement consistent pricing across all distribution channels KPMG, ; Murphy et al. Rate parity is de? When the revenue management department of a property controls rate parity, rate integrity is assured.

As a result, the customer becomes more con? In addition, by setting consistent rates across all distribution channels, a hotel can assure its customers that no cheaper rates exist elsewhere.

The issue of inconsistent pricing can be related to the theoretical perspective of perceived fairness. Customers formulate their reference price from past experiences with the?

Therefore, if the same customer? According to Kahneman et al. The principle of dual entitlement is also based on two hypotheses: Therefore, if a hotel increases the rates for the rooms due to a corresponding increase in the cost of selling that room, and set a consistent rate increase across all its online channels, customers will view this increase as fair.

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Therefore, hotels offering differential prices for the same room on different channels may negatively shape the perception of the consumer.

Several researchers have investigated the topic of perceived fairness Campbell, a, b; Kahneman et al. Online pricing practices have become a major issue for hotel companies, but still there are few published studies in this area Tso and Law, Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to collect online prices of hotel rooms of?

Are US and international hotel properties within the same group setting consistent rates across their online distribution channels?

Are the global hotel companies offering the lowest hotel room rates through their own websites? Is room availability consistent across online distribution channels? This article contributes to previous work in the area of online distribution and its issues in the following ways.

The primary contribution of this study is in its design, which allows for a more accurate picture of who is in control of hospitality online distribution. In this study we conduct an analysis of online room rates, rate parity, and room availability, in which we make a cross-comparison within the brands of?

In addition, this study compares American properties versus their international brand partners. Most of the prior research has analyzed online room rates of hotel properties in general across distribution channels without comparing the brands of the same hotel group.

Finally, this research ontributes to the advancement of knowledge generated by previous studies by adding a theoretical perspective of perceived fairness and dual entitlement to answer the research questions based on the issues of online distribution. Review of literature Through the use of a focus group consisting of top hotel executives, vendors, and consultants, Brewer et al.

This qualitative study was divided into two sessions, and the top? In the second session participants rated the top?

The online channels were Expedia, Travelocity, Travelweb, the WorldRes, and the hotel brand websites. The voice channel used in his study was the toll-free number of the central reservation departments of the hotel companies.

Mid-priced hotel websites offered the lowest rates in about 47 percent of the cases, and luxury hotel brand websites offered the lowest rates in less than 14 percent of the cases.

Their results revealed that online intermediaries presented the cheapest hotel room prices in 36 percent of all cases, a 1 percent increase from a similar study in Indirect channels like online agents and corporate travel agencies offered the cheapest prices in 58 percent of the cases.

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The study also found that a consumer has a 55 percent chance to get the best hotel room price using online channels instead of traditional channels such as in-house and central reservation departments.With a multi-channel online video distribution strategy, you’ll reach more customers and reel in the most ROI.

Interested in blowing up your video marketing strategy? Learn exactly how your team should approach video content and ensure your video marketing success. Ft Worth Analyst (Senior), Online Distribution Strategy - TX, What are the various distribution strategies for a company?

May 25, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing management articles In today’s fast paced world, distribution by a company can be an enormous competitive advantage to the company.

Online distribution strategies

Online Distribution Strategies: A Mix of Globalization and Diversification in the Fashion Market: /ch The growing importance of online channels, social media, and mobile commerce (m-commerce) has given rise to new retail formats, that use only channel used and. Purpose – The internet has significantly changed the ways hotels distribute and price their products.

The imminent success of online intermediaries caused financial problems for hotel chains since online travel agencies offered better prices than the hotel brand websites. The existing literature on hotel online distribution has focused on pricing strategies and room availability issues for.

Product Distribution Strategy: 5 Tips For Success. November 5, By MarketBold 4 Comments. shares; It doesn’t really matter how big or small your company is, you need to have a successful distribution strategy.

Your distribution channel is the way that you deliver your products and services to your customers.

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