Online food ordering system

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Online food ordering system

Online food ordering system

Bhaskar Kumar Mishra Technology has entered almost every field in our life, but still its effect is not yet that evident in the food industry, especially the food serving outlets including restaurants, hotels. Even today, most of the restaurants in India follow the traditional pen and paper method to take orders from customers, which wastes a lot of time of both, the customer and the restaurant.

This work aims to This paper proposes an automated system that uses wireless communication, a centralized database, and an android application to place the order without even waiting for a waiter. The android application installed in the touch screen device, fitted at the table, contains all the menu details with pictures of each item.

The ordered details are wirelessly sent to the chef and the cashier. The manager has his own android application that is used to update the menu that updates the central database, view and manage table wise customers' orders, and receive feedbacks from the customer.

This system improves efficiency and accuracy for restaurants by saving time, eliminating human errors, getting customers feedback. As the system is automated, it becomes economical even from restaurants point of view, as it reduces manpower and it just requires one time investment in installing the devices at tables.iMenu provides best online food ordering platform system providers for restaurants in US and worldwide.

Features of Online Food Ordering System are as follows:

Using our online system customers can order food online or . Marketing4Restaurants Free Restaurant Online Ordering System helps restaurants who offer takeout and delivery from their restaurant to quickly and easily take orders online from their own website with no fees and no sharing of customer details.

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We have the perfect Online Ordering . Online food ordering system project is implemented for ordering fast food online. Online fast food ordering system project is developed in technology. In the existing system for giving any order customer have to visit nearest hotel or restaurant and esquire about available food items.

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Simplify the online ordering experience, easily push updates to your online menu and eliminate vendor fees on the restaurant's end with Toast’s online ordering system.

. Objective of Online Food Ordering System The main objective of the Online Food Ordering System is to manage the details of Item Category,Food,Delivery Address,Order,Shopping Cart. It manages all the information about Item Category, Customer, Shopping Cart, Item Category.

Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants