Rift deepens as nba draws line on compensation essay

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Rift deepens as nba draws line on compensation essay

Rift deepens as nba draws line on compensation essay

The bowtie is theirs, in case you ever wondered. But reflect he must. The answer is obvious, if negatively, and, I will argue, ironically conceived: The period alone appeared to me An eighteen-karat doorknob beyond price.

And what is at stake in the maintenance of a vacuum-tight seal between verse and prose when it comes to evaluation of crucial basic poetic techniques and strategies? By so proceeding, I will argue, in light of insufficiencies in his craft, Hecht asks us to believe—and the notion is common enough—that compositions in verse lie beyond the jurisdiction of criteria applied to prose fictions because they are in verse.

Yet though this essay concentrates—quite critically—on Hecht, I mean to argue, most strenuously, for the utility of setting verse and prose accomplishments alongside each other for the purpose of sharpening our critical assessments.

Corollary to any such exemption runs a claim that strong achievement in verse lines and stanzas—extraordinarily graceful handling of line breaks, for example, or consistency in measure that promotes breaks in consistency as significant, or subtle musical effects that give the text texture, tropes which Hecht builds not only into TVV but into all of his work—is sufficient in itself to compensate for shortcomings in the fundamental qualities of a narrative or an achronological series of narratives, such as TVV.

Rift deepens as nba draws line on compensation essay

But fictions in verse have not only frequently met the highest standards in the past, verse is where the standards of strong fiction were established.

But in order to begin to more completely evaluate it, it must be set against some greater literary historical context, and the history of the 20th century American short story will do. His departure is not at all quixotic; nonetheless we know more than Sammy does that it is time for the Knight of the Really Sweet Can to give up his local linguistic mastery for challenges and adventures that await him beyond the electric eye that has just winked goodbye to his Dulcinea and her entourage.

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Does fluorescent lighting, as Sammy claims, make the object world more accessible? At the end of the story, Sammy rejects the self-infantilizing production of mental imagery and interior language.

Thank goodness, for Sammy, actions speak louder than words. The right sounds are latent, inside Sammy, but only the man Sammy aspires to be could have said to his manager: His aesthetics might someday arrive at an ethics.

This is so, I believe, even or especially when the diction choice in question is otherwise absolutely impeccable, as, in the case of Hecht, it almost always is.

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With the white, wrinkled membrane, The disgusting skin that gathers on hot milk? Or narrow slabs of jasper light at sundown That fit themselves softly around the legs Of chairs, and entertain a drift of motes A tide of sadness, a failing, a dying fall?

Or the glass jar, like a dry cell battery, Full of electric coils and boiling resins, Its tin Pinocchio nose with one small nostril, And both of us under a tent of towels Like child conspirators, the tin nose breathing Health at me steadily, like the insufflation of God?

He leans against a wall, and a rift deepens in his forehead. He takes the visitor's notebook and begins to write in a neat, swift hand. After a few lines he consults with cousin Ahmed in Somali. Philip Steer’s essay, ‘Romances of Uneven Development: Spatiality, Trade, and Form in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Pacific Novels’ (VLC 43[] –56), also draws attention to interpretative practices through his analysis of Stevenson’s two novels that looks at how spatiality and economics work together, which departs from usual approaches to . Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin

I will grant that the word is entirely apt, semantically. Wonderful as the word is or wasI would argue that Hecht should have known better, should have resisted it, and that his inability to do so is a symptom of a greater lack of artistic control with regard to diction.

But such a gain is tiny compared to what Updike offers us in our relationship with Sammy. Ambiguity, too many writers forget, comes with any and all language use. Two of the greatest pleasures in fiction include feeling—even for a moment—what it is to know, and feeling, intensely, what it is to be almost completely unsure.

Something bigger is going on when Hecht pulls out a doozy, or three doozies, something bigger than his urge to describe well or to tell a good story. In The Venetian Vespers and Collected Later Poems a volume collecting poems from the three books published after TVVHecht reached for final closure wrote the final sentence of a poem or the final sentence of an independently-numbered section of a poem-in-parts times.

In twenty-one of these sentences—one in seven—Hecht used three or more adjectives to modify a noun. He even managed to sign himself this way in translations of Baudelaire and Goethe, when the original French or German writes him no warrant for such a pile-up.

These twenty-one instances are gathered below, with the relevant modifiers in bold. But note the preponderance of high, archaic, or extravagant modifiers used by Hecht as he attempted to bring a poem to its conclusion.This book broadens and deepens this perspective.


Inspired by Stephen Tyler’s view of ethnography as an art of evocation, international scholars from the fields of aesthetics, anthropology, and rhetoric explore the spellbinding power of elusive meanings as people experience them in daily life and while gazing at works of art, watching films or.

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