To be or not to be in the tale of gawains trials and tribulation

Rajputana in the fourth century A.

To be or not to be in the tale of gawains trials and tribulation

To win without risk is to triumph without glory. I stammered severely, and kids sometimes made fun of me. However, I summoned up the courage to go on this outing for I knew that there would be at least one person I could spend time with: Sitting apart from the other campers, in the dark of the woods, alert to the spooky night sounds, my friend would tell stories of life on other planets, of beings he imagined would be found there, of time traveling to other worlds, of ghosts, of the meaning of dreams, of reincarnation, of the ability to read minds.

He wanted to be a writer, and I was certain he would be. Trials and Tribulations To win without risk is to triumph without glory. He became the fantastic writer he dreamed of being and more.

To be or not to be in the tale of gawains trials and tribulation

I wanted to be a defense attorney like Clarence Darrow and Sam Leibowitz. Eventually, I did attain my dream of becoming a lawyer.

Still, it was preposterous to think a stammerer like myself could perform in a courtroom. There at the podium stood the keynote speaker, Sam Leibowitz! That afternoon Leibowitz, his voice filled with conviction, told us that defense attorneys were the key to keeping America free, that the protective ideals of the U.

He warned us that the old guardians were dying out and that without a new generation to take up the fight, America would succumb to a reemergence of robber barons and torture chamber confessions, and that the average man and woman would be stripped of dignity and liberty, and would then be legally and economically enslaved.

Leibowitz challenged us to take the torch he was passing, to become defense attorneys, and to protect America. I felt as if he were speaking directly to me. Soon I got my first case: A black man named Henry Larkin, who had shot and killed a man in the hallway of his apartment building, was charged with murder.

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Larkin said the man he shot had come after him with a knife. Since there were no public defenders in those days, groups of young attorneys would mill around the courthouse volunteering for cases and hoping to be appointed. I was doing just that when someone told me about Henry Larkin.

To be or not to be in the tale of gawains trials and tribulation

He nearly cried when I offered to represent him. The day before the trial my first! I searched him out, and soon I stood at his hotel door, briefcase in hand. Stammering an apology for my intrusion, I asked for his help. I told him about the case. He raised his eyebrows every time I tripped over a word, but never said a thing about my speech impediment and then proceeded to outline my entire defense.

The next day I stood before twelve people in a court of law, with the life of Henry Larkin in my hands, or more precisely, in my misfiring mouth. Then something strange came over me: My own troubles vanished, replaced by the far greater problems of Henry Larkin. He was a good man who had never broken the law in his life.

It was up to me to convince a jury that he had acted in self-defense. I tried to call Sam Leibowitz, but he had left town. Needing to share my multi-faceted victory with someone, I called Rod and told him about the miracle of my untangled tongue.

He exuded elation, and then grew serious. You were destined to speak for the innocent and oppressed. In his eyes, what happened was the result of what can only happen in The Twilight Zone.


Henry Larkin, my first client, came by every Friday for the rest of his life and handed me an envelope with a five-dollar bill in it. He never missed a week. In order to protect the rights of the copyright holder, no portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent.

More stories from our partners.When they reach the border of the forest, the guide promises not to tell anyone if Gawain decides to give up the quest. Gawain refuses, determined to meet his fate head-on.

Eventually, he comes to a kind of crevice in a rock, visible through the tall grasses. is a legal online writing service established in the year by a group of Master and Ph.D.

students who were then studying in UK. A JOHN STEINBECK ENCYCLOPEDIA Brian Railsback, Michael J. Meyer Editors Greenwood Press A JOHN STEINBECK ENCYCLOPEDIA A JOHN STEINBECK ENCYCLOPEDIA Edited by . In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and “The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell, Sir Gawain is portrayed as being one of the most gentle, courteous and honorable Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table.

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Although Sir Gawain is the nephew of King Arthur and considered to be one of his favorite knights, Gawain displays a most humble attitude. God's people have their trials.

It was never designed by God, when He chose His people, that they should be an untried people. They were chosen in the furnace of affliction; they were never chosen to worldly peace and earthly joy. A Literary Analysis of the Tale of Gawains Trials PAGES 5. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: gawain, green chapel, gawain trials, sir gawain and the green knights.

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