V solutions towards an effective solid waste

Today, primary and secondary collection, and transportation have been reasonably satisfactory to enable the city to remain clean.

V solutions towards an effective solid waste

The two broad types of data, the secondary and primary data were used in the study. Interviews and personal observations were also used to collect some of the data. Factors impeding the effective and efficient solid waste management were identified.

Wrong attitudes and perceptions of the people about sanitation issues contributed to solid waste management problems of Nima. Majority of the households did not educate their members on the need to clean their surroundings. A greater percentage of the household did not have a toilet facility.

Virtually, all the people depended on the Accra Metropolitan Assembly AMA facilities for the disposal of their household refuse. In addition, lack of proper incentives for the AMA workers working in Nima also partly explained the problem.

It was recommended that more education should be provided by the AMA to sensitise the people on the need to keep the surroundings clean. Introduction Humanity has always produced waste that included not only the discarded bones of animals slaughtered for food, the hundreds of stone axes found in Olduvai, or the stinking cesspits and hidden heaps of Medieval Europe but the momentous increase in waste that characterises contemporary society, dating from the industrial revolution.


Waste is more easily recognised than defined. Something can become waste when it is no longer useful to the owner or it is used and fails to fulfill its purpose Gourlay, Solid waste according to Miller is any useless, unwanted, or discarded material that is not liquid or gas.

A great mixture of substances including fine dust, cinder, metal, glass, paper and cardboard, textiles, putrescible vegetable materials and plastic characterise solid waste Simmens, As time passes the only certainty is that accumulation of waste will outstrip its control.

Throughout the western world, there are no longer enough convenient holes in the grounds into which to tip unwanted matter Gourlay, Not discounting the above factors, other factors might have compounded the problem.

There is no single solution to the challenge of waste management.


The waste management process is usually framed in terms of generation, storage, treatment, and disposal, with transportation inserted between stages as required. Hence, a combination of source reduction, recycling, incineration, and burring in landfills and conversion is currently the optimal way to manage solid waste.

Like other parts of the capital city of Ghana, such as Mamobi, James Town, and Chokor, Nima is engulfed in filth of both conspicuous and inconspicuous places because it has serious problems with its waste management from generation, through storage, treatment, to disposal.

It therefore becomes important for this study to examine the problems of solid waste management in Nima. This research is therefore intended to provide insight to citizens, government officials, and business people who might want to help resolve the solid waste management crisis in Nima.

V solutions towards an effective solid waste

Literature Review A lot has been said, written, and demonstrated about the inadequacies in solid waste management and its associated problems. According to a United Nations Conference on Human Settlement report, one third to one-half of solid waste generated within most cities in low- and middle-income countries, of which Ghana is no exception, are not collected.

Despite the importance of adequate solid waste management to the urban environment, the performance of many city authorities in this respect leaves much to be desired.Further on, solutions for solid waste management will be reviewed in the discussions of sustainable waste management.

The paper emphasizes the concept of waste prevention through utilization of all wastes as process inputs, leading to the possibility of creating an ecosystem in a loop of materials.

KEYWORDS: Constraints, Solid Waste Management, Policy Frame Work, Implementation and Benin Metropolis recommend feasible solutions. Primary information on waste management policies were implementation effective and efficient solid waste management policies in the metropolis.

STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE URBAN SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN NIGERIA. The identified effective solid waste management options based on the factor loadings education, the attitude of the people towards improving and maintaining the .

Solid waste problem rises but effective solutions seen to advance this year

quality, timely, cost effective, environmentally responsible, and diversity-sensitive management of solid waste. Today, Phoenix creates 1 million tons of trash each year, will place an emphasis towards sustainable development, operation, advanced diversion solutions.

Solid Waste Strategic Plan City of Phoenix Public Works Department 5. Jul 08,  · The use of colour coded containers to store different types of solid waste, which has been in practice in developed countries for over four decades, is reported to offer a more cost-effective waste management service, since it improves household waste separation and reduces the amount of .

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