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Lee has one younger brother named Larry Lieber.

Write a help wanted ad for santa

All I know is that he was engaged to my mother but was killed in an air accident in Scotland of 27th September and is believed to be buried in South Wales. I do not have any service number for him but believe he was an Air Gunner.

write a help wanted ad for santa

Also that he was awarded the DFM and attended Buckingham Palace with his mother and father - date unknown. I would love to be able to forward these photos to any surviving relatives. I have been doing research into his time in the RAF, and a researcher got me his records.

Dad never talked about ant time spend in the RAFalthough he was in for 22 yrs, being demobbed at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland in approx Any information however insignificant would be appreciated, so I can possibly put another piece of the jigsaw together. He was in Bomber ,Transport and coastal Command flying Lancasters, Shackletons, etc and only passed away 12 years ago.

Each edition focuses on a particular moment in the cold war, as recounted by three people who were there. The episode I am focusing on is for is the early s when the Cold War hotted up again after a long period of relative calm.

American missiles arrived in little English towns like Mildenhall and Alconbury, and with them came US servicemen — and their families - in large numbers, bringing new pressures but also new prosperity.

This episode is about the impact of this on one base — but also about waiting for a war that, if it comes, may be decided by actions taken in its first few minutes. I would like to find three speakers to contribute to this episode.

The casting I am aiming for is — American who came over British person directly involved in the base Bystander affected by bases arriving Each would talk about the social aspects of a large number of Americans turning up in a small English community, and then go on to talk about the impact of one of the near nuclear misses.

Please email me with your name, telephone number, background info on yourself and time details of the time spent at whichever American air base you were stationed in.

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My email is — sally. He was part of what I believe was the athletic team he used to run many long distance races all over the world for the RAF. I am trying to find any photos of him or anything relating to this time he served as he is not very well at all unfortunately a very short prognosis has just been given to us; it would mean the world to him if I can find anything for him.

Then onto Malta, where he got his first DFC. In flying over France his long range gas tank became free, and he was forced to land. He was arrested and spent a year in a Gestapo Prison. His log book may have been last seen in the Ottawa regionit may have been loaned out, but not returned.

If anyone has this book the Hill family would appreciate its return it without any questions asked. He may be my grandfather. She kept the relationship a secret for 61 years before telling my father about his real biological father. She never said his name but described him as tall and handsome, a pilot who died during WWII.


From the information that my father unearthed, I know that he was in the RAF and he met my grandmother in Blackpool while he was being trained there. My father was born in Marchwhich means he was conceived in May or June He was married to Florence Young.

I believe he had at least one son, Peter John Francis West, now deceased as of Squadron and am seeking information on the following R. Are any of them still alive and, if so, where might I contact them? Who did she know? Can you provide their surnames?

write a help wanted ad for santa

It was a mistake, the crew thought they were over Emden Germany but one person in Roden was killed. I have written a book about that bombing After the bombing there was a question as a strange hole was found in the ground.

Was it a bomb that did not explode? The plane that bombed Roden seemed to be Wellington, W That was a pity. I looked in the reports how many bombs the plane had onboard.

Well, that were 7. So incendiaries, pound and one pound. I missed one bomb in our village. So that was probably the hole in the ground.The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire and Byzantium, was the continuation of the Roman Empire in its eastern provinces during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when its capital city was Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, which had been founded as Byzantium).It survived the fragmentation and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD and .

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Request Posted 2 Aug I'm trying to find out more about 50 wing - 21 AD in France in - my father was a Flt Sgt in MT and was near Arras before they had to abandon the vehicles and evacuate the airfields they were at. craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

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