Writing a blog about everything and nothing

Another blogger asked a question worth pondering—if I stopped blogging, would anyone notice? Perhaps because I temporarily lost the way. Perhaps you might be somewhat familiar with the feeling? Feelings of low self-worth sneak in while we are looking the other way and inflict torture upon most of us at one time or another whether we are aware of it or not.

Writing a blog about everything and nothing

She is curious and very devoted to find true love.

writing a blog about everything and nothing

It tells a story about love being born. In addition, I did not realize that this poem could have an effect on people like I witnessed. It was truly a gift from God. The first part of the poem is about love and the power of love. In three cases the effect that this poem had on a couple of individuals was profound.

One individual was reached at a very deep level and helped her move some dark toxins she was dealing with. Then another gentleman was speechless and could hardly express his appreciation for this poem.

The third person said that this would be published one day and he was impacted to the level to express his love that it touched him deeply.

He shared that he is a person that does not cry - well he wept.

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He shared that this poem was a reflection of his life. He was a person in service that was guided by Saint Christopher. I then was motivated to finish the poem as a dedication to him.

I fell in love with him. It was these moments in time that I will always cherish to this day. I really felt love for this warrior and his burning desire to be heard and loved.

I am the little girl and the feather. My mentor the willow.

writing a blog about everything and nothing

See Picture after poem. Nothing and Everything - Delighted The great darkness expanded everywhere, there was nothing — yet something — or is it everything? No boundaries free flowing, being, and reaching — never ending- yet it is one thing. A thought enters the darkness and there was a casing of light This beauty revealed — gave her meaning and in holding this — there was sight.

In this meeting of the great forces of life — what do we know? A calling is put forth and the great warrior comes through He ventures forward and brings the knowledge in tact For the seed has flourished in him which shows Making footprints for all to follow and grow.

Now I’m sitting here with $9090 taken out of my checking account and still no groceries.

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A blog about everything and nothing in particular. I’ve long been a fan of the Wal-mart grocery pickup since it first came to my area. But recently I heard about a .

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